Prepper Supplies

Prepper Supplies

Prepper Supplies can keep you and your family safe in a catastrophe or emergency situation! Wise people leave nothing to chance, and prepare in advance so they can be safe and survive when things go wrong or during emergencies, like forced evacuations or natural catastrophe’s like an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, blazing fire, chemical spill, military or armed attack. Prepper’s know this and are ready when 95% of people are not. And because they prepare, they survive while other’s do not.


What is a Prepper? A Prepper is a person who has a self reliant attitude to life and takes simple precautions that others don’t even think about during times of feast. Life is a cycle, and there are also times of famine in life, and a Prepper knows this and prepares for it. When you prep, you won’t be at the whim of those that are run by fear and panic because they are dependent on some “authority” to do it for them. Prepper’s do it themselves and do not have to rely on anyone else. They are prepared for it. Having the best Prepper Supplies on hand make it a cakewalk while other’s are running for their lives!


find water in nature


Emergency Water Purification

Emergency Water Purification is critical as we can go without food for a week or so but we need water daily. It should be on top of your prepper supplies list. You can learn how to find clean drinkable water from any source. You can also have an emergency survival water filter so you can filter river, stream, pond, lake or even sea water so you can have drinking water to survive.


If you don’t have an emergency water filter, you can use sand and some clean socks as a crude filter. It will filter out the big sediment but not the pathogenic things. You can boil the water but if has heavy metals they will concentrate and can make you sick. Use this handy guide to Find Drinkable Water Anywhere.


wilderness food


Emergency Survival Food 

Emergency Survival Food is highly important for your prepper supplies kit. You need safe edible food so you can survive for any length of time if your normal life becomes disrupted by any source. Learning how to find edible plants, and how to prepare them so you and your family can survive is the second most important thing next to having a source of drinkable clean and purified water.


You can use this handy Food Survival Guide to use when you have to rough it out in mother nature. Knowing what is safe to eat, and how to prepare it can make the difference between staying alive and well and not making it. Some plants are highly toxic and you need to know how to find the right foods to eat in wilderness and how to prepare them properly.


emergency first aid kti


Emergency First Aid

The Emergency First Aid Kit is an important part of your prepper supplies kit. Having an emergency first aid kit helps you take care of cuts, scrapes, injuries and sickness when you’re not able to see a doctor or health professional. I highly recommend having some zeolite powder in your emergency kit because it protects you against heavy metals, radiation and is a potent anti-viral and anti-cancer natural remedy. When you’re roughing it, out in the wilderness or laying low this can literally save your life.


72 Hour Emergency Kit


Bug out Bag

One of the top prepper supplies for any emergencies is having a Bug Out Bag or two. You will want to have a basic Bug out Bag or emergency kit so you can survive if you have to rough it for a few days, weeks or even months. This has all the basic survival tools and goods you will need to survive when you can’t go home. You will want to at least have a medium or 72 Hour Survival Kit so you can have the basics you need to survive in any situation.