Survival First Aid Kits

Survival First Aid Kits

Survival First Aid Kits are what you need when you want to be able to take care of yourself and family when you're outdoors or in an area where emergency medical help is not readily available. I am a former EMT (emergency medical technician) myself that worked in a hospital emergency room as well as for an advanced life support vehicle. Also used my skills in the USMC (Unites States Marine Corps) during wilderness training. Having a survival emergency first aid kit can make the difference between making it out of a medical emergency with your life intact.


Every smart prepper, outdoorsman or woman, and family should have one readily available for any emergency. Make sure it has all the things you will need for any emergency, which the advanced kits have shown below. I have my own kit as well as the kits I use when I go on extended camping trips and hikes through the wilderness. I always say “prepared not scared” is the way to go. Being prepared is the best thing you can do!



survival first aid kits


Emergency First Aid Kits

The Emergency First Aid Kits are an important part of your prepper supplies kit. Having an emergency first aid kit helps you take care of cuts, scrapes, injuries and sickness when you're not able to see a doctor or health professional. I highly recommend having some Zeolite in your emergency kit because it protects you against heavy metals, radiation and is a potent anti-viral and anti-cancer natural remedy. When you're roughing it, out in the wilderness or laying low this can literally save your life.


72 Hour Emergency Kit


Bug out Bag

One of the top prepper supplies for any emergencies is having a Bug Out Bag or two. You will want to have a basic Bug out Bag or emergency kit so you can survive if you have to rough it for a few days, weeks or even months. This has all the basic survival tools and goods you will need to survive when you can't go home. You will want to at least have a medium or 72 Hour Survival Kit so you can have the basics you need to survive in any situation.

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