Worlds Brightest Flashlight

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Worlds Brightest Flashlight

What is the Worlds Brightest flashlight? The Worlds Brightest Flashlight is a torch flashlight with 100,000 lumens, yes you read that correctly, 100,000 lumens of looking directly into sunlight. It can illuminate a whole area, completely blind a would be assailant or someone invading your space. You can see clearly for a long way, and in a wide path. It can stop a bear in it's tracks!

The worlds brightest flashlight is also the best tactical flashlight for those exact reasons and it is made solid as a steel pipe and is IP-56 standard waterproof and shock proof too. It has the Longest Beam distance pf any handheld flashlight: 1350 meters. It includes a 32,000mAh battery pack that uses 8 21700 li-ion cells and can power the MS18 for over 14 hours of continuous usage. Great for any emergency and is easy to recharge.


worlds brightest flashlight


Best Tactical Flashlight

The Imalent Flashlights (all models) are the Best Tactical Flashlight you can get. They are solid, rugged, waterproof and blindingly bright when pointed at a person or predatory animal. Must have protection in any city or wildlife situation. They have different modes of operation so when you don't need the blinding power of the sun, you can use it on the first setting (which is more powerful than most high end flashlights on their highest setting.


The best tactical flashlight is the most rugged, waterproof and the highest lumen flashlight in world. Imalent MS18 is by far brighter than any other flashlight in the world. It has the longest range of 1350m of any tactical flashlight. Not only can the Imalent MS18 light up a large field like absolute daylight but it can also light up objects almost a mile away.


This makes the Imalent MS18, the worlds brightest flashlight, great for all kinds of outdoor activities like search and rescue and hunting. The MS18 is waterproof to IP56 and has impact resistance to 1.5m, so can be used in all weather and conditions, whether in the city or deep in the wilderness or during the darkest of nights in the middle of the sea.


best tactical flashlilght


Brightest Tactical Flashlight

The Brightest Tactical Flashlight (many sizes from palm sized to torchlight size.) I started with the smallest most compact model (13,000 Lumen Imalent MS03 Tactical Flashlight, pictured above) and it just blew me away. You don't need a lot of flashlights, just one (or two, I keep one in my car, and one by my nightstand as well as one in my survival bug-out bag.) Having the highest lumen flashlight on the market is a huge asset and superior survival tool. Instant daylight in the darkest of valleys or midnight in the wilderness. Never be without the worlds brightest flashlight!


I love the compact model which I keep on my belt loop when hiking, camping or when I expect to be out in large crowded areas. I used it in my hike (day and night) to Yosemite National Park and it worked like a champ! For camping or deep wilderness I would use the MS18 because it is 100000 lumens of pure daylight in the dark of night!


brightest flashlight in the world


The Torch Flashlight

The Imalent MS13 is also considered The Torch Flashlight because it acts like a modern day torch, but way brighter than any in history. It ha an exceptional 32,000mAh battery pack with 8 21700 li-ion cells and can power the MS18 for over 14 hours of sustained usage for emergencies or when you need it. The MS18 is a powerful tactical torchlight with 8 different brightness modes from 700 lumens all the way up to turbo mode of 100,000 lumens (worlds brightest flashlight), as well as a blinding strobe mode to disorient any predators (human or animal.)


The Imalent MS18 gives you a super high power charger, allowing you to charge the world's brightest flashlight in just a few hours. The Imalent MS18 Ambassador of Light is officially the world’s brightest flashlight. You will be able to tame the sun with 100,000 lumens of pure blinding sunlight in your own hands. If you want the brightest flashlight in the world, you can Buy the Imalent MS18 directly from the manufacturer with full warranty and quality guarantee. There’s no point looking around for other super bright flashlights as the MS18 will beat them all, turning night into day.


worlds brightest flashlight


Highest Lumen Flashlight

The Highest Lumen Flashlight is made by Imalent. The MS18 Ambassador of Light (pictured above) is officially the worlds brightest flashlight. It can tame sun with 100,000 lumens of daylight in your hands. If you want the brightest tactical; flashlight you can buy then this is what you have been looking for. The Imalent MS18 has a multi-functional OLED display shows you what brightness setting you’re on and how charged the battery pack is.


The Imalent MS18 comes in a handy and sturdy carrying case. The brightest flashlight in the world can easily be used with one hand but the package includes a shoulder strap for extended use and for long hikes or walking long distances.. 


Try activating the Imalent MS18’s turbo mode with a double click of the button then you will be blown away. 100,000 lumens of brightness is so bright it’s difficult to even imagine. A standard ight bulb in a room is less than 1000 lumens, so the Imalent MS18 is brighter than 100 light bulbs!


the brightest flashlight in the world


#1 Worlds Brightest Flashlight

What is the #1 Worlds Brightest Flashlight? There’s no other flashlight on earth (that's why it's the worlds brightest flashlight.) The Imalent MS18 has the most impressive features and benefits of all tactical flashlights and torch flashlights. If you want the highest lumen flashlight then the Imalent MS18 is what you need.

  • Blind/Disorient Potential Assailants or Attackers
  • Wilderness Preparedness
  • Large Area Lighting
  • Prevent Animal Attacks with Blinding Light
  • Theft-deterrent
  • Emergency Fire Starter
  • Professional Security and Surveillance
  • Animal Safety (great for livestock protection)
  • City, Nature and Offshore Inspections
  • Nature and Shoreline Search & Rescue
  • Emergency Torchlight Beacon
  • Ultra Long-distance Distress Signaling
  • First Responder Operations (Police, Firefighter, EMT and Paramedic Recommended)

As the worlds brightest flashlight and brightest tactical flashlight, The Imalent MS18 (pictured below) is the brightest flashlight in the world. It is made superior to all other survival flashlights because it uses CREE’s brightest Extreme-High-Power LEDs, the CREE XHP70.2 with a lifespan of 50,000 hours.


Some high quality flashlights have just one of the Cree LED's and are considered bright but the MS18 has 18 of them. There is no other tactical flashlight or torch flashlight that can even begin to compare. See the MS18 and find the world's brightest flashlight for your own purpose and safety. See the whole line of tactical flashlights here: Imalent high lumen flashlights.

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